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HMP Lindholme & Moorland

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Project Detailsx

Client:Henry Boot
Duration:18 Months
Year Completed:2014

Project Overviewx

ACS was employed by Henry Boot to carry out the drainage upgrade to HMP Lindholme and surrounding areas.

The contract consisted of the installation of 3 No. foul water pumping stations and holding tanks, with the pumping stations being constructed at a depth of up to 8 metres deep. The contract also required over 2500 metres of rising HDPE pipework, associated air valves and wash out chambers with discharge into the Yorkshire Water main sewerage on the A614 Hatfield. The rising main had to be welded to pass specific inspections.

An upgrade of the private foul drainage system on the two neighbouring housing estates and decommissioning of 2 No. existing pump stations and macerator bases was also required. Some of the work was carried out within the prison boundary to provide new upgraded outfalls and this had to be carried out to strict deadlines.

Works carried out within the prison were obviously of a high security nature and required all staff and operatives to undergo extensive security clearance.

Following our original contract, ACS were employed to carry out ‘Water Connections’ on behalf of Henry Boot in which 130 residential houses required 3 pits and trench excavations to allow the water connections to be made.

All this was carried out on a live housing estate and involved considerable interface with the public.