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Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station

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Project Detailsx

Client:Scottish & Southern Energy
Duration:5 Months
Year Completed:2014

Project Overviewx

ACS has been employed by Scottish and Southern Energy to carry out repairs to both their fire mains and town’s mains at the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station.

Within the Power Station, ACS works under strict Health and Safety and Permit procedures. We are currently being employed to carry out a number of excavations around the Power Stations and making repairs to their 15 inch Fire main and 8 inch town’s mains.

We are using a variety of safe digging techniques including vacuum excavation as well as the traditional hand and mechanical excavation. We are also using a variety of shoring solutions from trench boxes, sheet piles and frames to bespoke shoring solutions.

One of the bespoke shoring solutions was where our excavation required a physical barrier from 6 No. 132KV Scottish Power cables which had already been disturbed by the failed fire main. ACS installed an augured secant concrete piled wall 5m into the ground which then enabled our shoring to be installed without exerting any other pressure against the cables.

Once the repairs are carried out and any thrust blocks installed then we have carried out the reinstatement of the ground including concrete slabs and Tarmac.