Developing our team for the future

As a people-first business, developing individuals in our team is of great importance at ACS Construction Group. Following a successful year-long work placement with us, we’re delighted that our university intern Emma Hafford will be joining our accounts department.

Emma will join us upon completion of her degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Salford. Our internships offer students the chance to put key theoretical learnings into practice. Here’s what Emma says: “Working at ACS has given me the opportunity to use the skills that I have learnt at university, for example I had constructed financial statements from a case study at university and it was great to complete invoices which are used in financial statements at ACS.”

Throughout Emma’s placement, she has looked after our EQUE2 implementation project, spent time liaising with suppliers regarding invoices and completed costings for different projects. Emma provides invaluable support to the Quality Surveyor team on a regular basis as she works closely with them to ensure that documents are organised correctly.

When asked about what she enjoys the most about working at ACS, Emma explains: “I enjoy working at ACS because I like the variety of different jobs that I get to look after. The people I work with are friendly and supportive and ACS are always looking for different ways to help me progress in my job role. ACS has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience which I can then use during my final year of study.”

Emma will return to her studies in September to complete the final year of her degree. After graduating Emma will resume her career with ACS Construction Group.

Staff Development