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ACS Construction Group Ltd is a leading North West based Civil Engineering & Building Contractor. Our head office is in Cheshire, located centrally in the UK to serve our clients nationwide.


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We provide services to a number of sectors including education, commercial/industrial, governmental, utilities/infrastructure, leisure, energy and renewable energy sectors.

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Our Process x

  • Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Aftercare
  • Continuous Improvements
As part of our design and pre-construction services, we will;

  • Manage and administer the design including approvals and information flow.
  • Manage, co-ordinate and integrate the work of the design team including specialist designers and subcontractors.
  • Co-ordinate the design input of the Design Team.
  • Establish structural grid and floor levels.
  • Liaise with and obtain statutory approvals from the relevant Authorities and Agencies. (where applicable)
  • Ensure that the Design Team fulfil their obligations as required by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.
  • Carry out risk analysis of the design as it progresses.
  • Issue details of residual design risks to our client.
  • Check the progress of design information released to suit the agreed programme.
  • Scrutinise and comment on subcontractors and specialists design and coordinate comments from others.
  • Liaise with the Design Manager to ensure the design production is programmed to allow sufficient time for cost checking, buildability issues, and compliance with the Project Brief, Employer approval / amendments and procurement of subcontractors / suppliers.
  • Establish and monitor procedures for ensuring that the design is in accordance with the Cost Plan and liaise with the Project Senior Quantity Surveyor and his advisors in monitoring financial control.
  • Co-ordinate answers to subcontractor and Construction Team queries.
  • Establish and maintain contact with Statutory Service Providers to ensure their requirements are taken into account. Communicate respective requirements to Design Team.

Collaborative working is a key feature of our process to project success. We work best when we are involved early with our clients, so we can support them offering an affordable, quality and compliant design solution.

We utilise 3D models and BIM tools (Site Desk) as required, to enhance our management processes, by using 3D reviews, during workshops.

These 3D reviews draw participants into sharing information so that issues raised can always be referred to on the 3D models.  Among the many competitive advantages are:
  • Increased speed of delivery (time saved);
  • Better co-ordination (fewer errors);
  • Decreased costs (money saved);
  • Greater Productivity;
  • Higher quality of work;
BIM allows the creation and use of co-ordinated, digital information for:
  • Design decision-making; production of high-quality construction documents
  • Performance predictions; Cost-estimating; Construction planning, and Managing and operating the asset.

We pride ourselves on effective contract management, ensuring we have dedicated professional, skilled and qualified resources to manage our contracts to meet stringent safety, quality, time and cost requirements.

We employ an Aftercare Manager, to gain feedback on our projects, ensuring that we continually improve the way we work.
We have been a specialist civil engineering company for the past 20 years and our team have vast experience in delivering a range of civil engineering projects such as;
  • Roadworks
  • Earthworks
  • Concrete Structures
  • Utilities
  • Basements and Retaining Walls
  • Hard Standings
  • Complex infrastructure projects
  • Drainage
  We use our technical experience to de-risk projects and develop value solutions to save money and bring programme certainty.
We carefully plan, select and resource our project team and assign our project manager as the single point of responsibility for all work on the contract.

Our team are experienced in public and private infrastructure and build contracts and have civil engineering specific experience having delivered complex civils projects for a range of clients such as National Grid, SSE, Lee Valley Park Authority, Centrica and many others.

Our experience in assembling and leading teams using established processes to manage multiple, complex projects. We will;
  • Plan the service delivery, having identified from the brief, the client and end user needs
  • Mobilise sufficient internal and external resources (supply chain) to meet our obligations
  • Set up the infrastructure to deliver the service including premises, plant and equipment, staff and operatives
  • Propose and agree the business processes with our clients to facilitate the delivery, these to include quality, health and safety, environmental management processes, commercial and budget control, and risk identification and control
  • Conclude all the contractual arrangements required before commencement
  • Organise and conclude all necessary pricing exercises required under the Project and carry out and conclude all negotiations of Terms and Conditions

During the delivery phase, we will ensure compliance with the plan, through regular audits and monitoring.. These reviews will assess measureable progress against the outputs including reviewing progress to programme, commercial, safety and production of information. At completion of the delivery phase, the delivery team will hold a closedown meeting with the Client’s Leadership Team to review performance and identify lessons, best practice and knowledge to share across our business.
Our Aftercare Manager, will be responsible for implementing our Aftercare process for this project. This will include the planning of the handover, training user staff and maintainers and the post completion evaluations. This person will also be the single point of contact for notification, investigation and rectification of all defects.
After each project, we have a close out meeting with the client team to see what worked well and what we could improve on. This is shared with the business, so we can continually improve the way we do business.

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